The Beauty of a Blank Card

You may have noticed that all of our cards thus far are blank on the inside and devoid of writing on the front.  This will evolve and change as we grow as a company and expand our offerings to involve letterpress.  For now though, we are loving these blank cards.  Kari has a great eye for color and design, she loves finding new fabric and spends hours on her sewing machine sewing swatches of fabric onto the front of card stock.

The beauty of a blank card is that it’s good for any occasion or no occasion at all.  I’m using mine this week to write some much needed thank you notes to friends and I’m sending one to my grandmother just to say “hi”.  While it’s always fun to find an email in my inbox from a friend, it makes my whole day to find a card in the mail from pretty much anyone.  The extra thought and are involved in handwriting a note really shows that you care.

Here are a few of our latest listing on Etsy.  You can click on the card titles to link to the card listing on Etsy, or you can click on the I heart Etsy link at the top of the menu on the right side of this page to see our Etsy shop.

70's Butterfly - Fabric Card
70's Butterfly - Fabric Card

70’s Butterfly – Fabric Card


Climbing Vine - Fabric Card
Climbing Vine - Fabric Card

Climbing Vine – Fabric Card


We’re also on twitter and facebook.  Check us out when you have a chance.!/AustinWDesigns

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