Day 2, Right on Track

Today is our second day on Etsy, the second day of our official launch into the public realm as a company.  So far we are on track with our goal to post two listings every weekday.  Today we listed Twilight & Black Lotus, two fabric cards.   I’m in love with both of these fabrics, they showcase two very different sides of our card line, Twilight is whimsical and fun while Black Lotus is elegant and luxurious.

Twilight - Fabric Card
Twilight - Fabric Card
Black Lotus - Fabric Card
Black Lotus - Fabric Card


Tomorrow we’ll be uploading another new side of the card line, baby cards!  All of our fabric cards are blank inside so they can be used for so many different occasions.  The baby themed cards are perfect for baby showers, congratulations or thank you notes.

Kari took a little shopping trip today and picked up a ton of new fabric, or as I like to call it, future cards.

Future Cards
Future Cards

In the next few weeks you’ll see these fabrics again but in card form.  We have so many fun ideas, we’re excited to keep sharing them with you!

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